Q: Is there an entry fee?

A: Capital Sports Center (CSC) does have a daily entry fee of $5.00. Players, coaches, and kids 12 and under are free. If you are a college coach or scout, please email info@sacramentocsc.com for free admission. This entry fee only applies to NCVA Volleyball tournaments. If you are attending a private event or other sporting event, please contact your event coordinator for details. 


Q: What time do the doors open in the morning?

A: For NCVA events, doors open at 7:00 AM for players and coaches, and at 7:15 AM for everyone else.


Q: Is there a cost for Parking?

A: Parking is free at CSC for all events. Please be sure to park in the designated area and pay attention to signage. Cars parking in un-authorized areas are subject to tow at the owners expense. 


Q: Does CSC have outdoor Tailgating?

A: Yes, CSC does have areas to Tailgate outside! In order to do that, you must first purchase a Tailgate Permit on-site, first come first serve, please check in with CSC Staff. Once purchased, you will be allowed to setup your tent, table and chairs in the designated spot. Please note that no cars are allowed in the Tailgating area, even to setup. Setups must be inside parking lot spaces and cannot be setup in a drive way or around an exit door. 


Q: Does CSC have indoor spaces to rent for our team?

A: Yes! We do have a limited amount of indoor space available. You can reserve your space online by clicking the tab above "Team Rooms and Tailgating". 


Q: Is outside food and beverage allowed?

A: We do not allow outside food and beverage inside the building (except for water). CSC does have a rotation of local food trucks, a coffee and smoothie stand, and a concession stand!


Q: Can I bring my own table and chairs?

A: If you have a team room rented, you can bring in your own table. Personal chairs are not allowed in the building.


Q: What is the temperature like in CSC?

A: CSC is a retired military airplane hangar. The weather outside heavily affects the conditions inside the building. Bring layers and plan accordingly depending on the season we are in!


Q: I have a question that isn’t listed above, who do we contact?

A: Please email info@sacramentocsc.com for help!